Not All Lemons are Lemons

We just visited our daughter’s house. They have a lemon tree in the yard. The lemons are huge, and they actually smell strongly like lemons.

Here is a picture of one of the lemons we picked – banana for scale – next to a grocery store lemon. I’ll let you guess which is which.

And such is the difference between commercial products and organically grown products.

2 thoughts on “Not All Lemons are Lemons

  1. barbara carlson

    You have small store-bought lemons ’cause Calif. ships out its big lemons.
    We have big lemons here in Canada from the store.


    Except for what’s in my freezer, my only fruits lately have been the oranges and lemons from my trees. I usually don’t eat them, because I can’t manage the steep slope down to the trees, but I’ve been having my gardener bring me some every week. The oranges are hard as heck to peel, but oh, my, they are worth it! They are so much sweeter than the grocery version. Seems that when they bred in the easy peel, they bred out a lot of the juice and taste.

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