Obama on Trump’s Conspiracy of the Global Elite

2 thoughts on “Obama on Trump’s Conspiracy of the Global Elite

  1. Ray Cullen

    Remember when the U.S. had a President with a brain-?!!!
    The guy in the video is a “dead ringer” for THAT President–!! πŸ˜‰

    In THOSE (former) times, Americans AND those of us in many other places around the world, often a very long way from the U.S., had a sense of hope, even a degree of pride, in what an intelligent, inspiring man, (who possesses some decent human rights values) might achieve in his role at the helm of the most powerful & influential nation on the planet.

    Much of that hope was dashed, to a large extent by the same pathetic enablers who currently kow-tow day in & day out, to Trump.
    Nevertheless, we WERE, at least for a while, able to hope–!!

    Now-? Not so much–!!!
    Will the U.S. electorate rise up to rid us all, of this orange STAIN upon democracy-?
    Or, conversely, will the U.S. continue to allow the carnage against all that is decent in public life, that Trump has wrought-?
    Time will tell.

    We can but hope, that America will not falter.
    In so many ways, & in multiple spheres of endeavor, the very fate of humankind is dependant upon decisions which U.S. voters will make this year–!!!

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