Crackup Comment on my Old Man Jealous Post

Here is a comment from a reader of my post below titled Old Man Jealous of 16-Year-Old Girl below. The comment got my attention, so I thought I’d highlight it here since it probably would not surface enough just buried in the comments.

2 answers that have as much conjecture as your questions, you infer knowledge of a persons emotion state that you have never met. Simply put she has NO understanding of a complex concept as planetary ecosystems, 16 year olds are children for a reason (not developed). Anyone who go on international television scolding everyone deserves to have harshest treatment, don’t like it quit listening Grown Ups are present. I’m also reporting your post to the proper authorities due to the infatuation of minor children.

First it talks about a persons emotion state [sic] that I have never met. Which person? the Old Man or the Girl? How does the reader know I have never met the person?

Then it talks about the girl (she) and claims that she has NO understanding. How does the commenter know? Does he or she know the girl personally?

Then it talks about deserving the harshest treatment. Actually, I agree, if you talk with a huge megaphone, you need to expect loud opposition, but “harsh treatment” is probably not a good description of that.

However, none of those comments have anything to do with my marveling about (1) an old man being jealous, and (2) the president personally attacking a private citizen, a minor, of a foreign country.

I also wonder who are the proper authorities to report this post to? Concluding that I am infatuated with minor children (whatever that means) based on this post is strange.

Finally – I always get a kick out of people making claims, statements and even accusations under the name Anonymous. My words have my name attached to them. I stand for them. Now I tremble that the proper authorities might knock on my door to investigate my infatuation with minor children based on a report by Anonymous.

I wonder where my readers come from?

11 thoughts on “Crackup Comment on my Old Man Jealous Post

  1. barbara carlson

    Clearly an indictment of the American educational system, showing an exposed deep-dish bag-of-hammers way of thinking. For every action, Norbert, there is an equal and opposite criticism which this is, at best, and at worst: a chilling glimpse into what cult-adherence has done to this poor soul.

    Proper authorities will pay as much attention to this ludicrous rant as men in white coats would.

  2. Bret

    Maybe English isn’t their first language, maybe they are challenged, which would make your comments pretty harsh. Do you know the writer personally? How do you know if that isn’t the case?

    But don’t let that get in the way of your bashing.

    Pot meet kettle.

    1. Yes, it sounds like the writer’s first language is not English.

      I cannot tell what I may have said that would make my comments harsh – with regard to language ability. The person threatened to report me to “authorities.” That seems like a lot harsher than my simple response.

      I don’t know the writer. He or she is writing under “Anonymous.” Certainly no bashing was intended. Thanks for pointing that out.

  3. Bret

    Describing someone’s comments as rambling and curious, who may have a condition or is trying to communicate in a language other than there own: harsh.

  4. Anonymous

    You are very patient with Bret. I completely disagree with his complaint about your comments being harsh. To start off, Bret doesn’t make sense. How could you know someone who posts as “anonymous”? And if someone is writing poorly in any language, it is worth pointing out. How can the truth hurt someone who is “anonymous”? It might actually lead to improvement. Why should anyone assume that a foolish post is written by someone with a “condition”? I don’t think that Bret has a condition. I think that shows respect to him. Bret takes responsibility for his words.

  5. Bret

    Anonymous, the point flew over your head. Norbert did the same thing as the commenter, that is, Norbert doesn’t know the commenter anymore than the commenter knows Norbert, which is hypocritical. The commenter could have a condition, or could be a person whose first language isn’t English. Same error, from both parties.

    Labeling someone’s writing skills as rambling and curious, goes beyond pointing out their grammatical or literary mistakes. Final point: patience is a virtue.

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