A Visit to the Metropolitan Museum of Art

No visit to New York City is complete for me without stopping in at the Met and spending some time with my favorite van Gogh paintings there. I probably posted these before, but I just can’t help it. These are some of my favorite paintings in the world.

van Gogh – Roses – 1890

van Gogh – Irises – 1890


2 thoughts on “A Visit to the Metropolitan Museum of Art

  1. I especially like the top roses. It is amazing how 3-dimensional Van Gogh’s work is, how alive it seems on the canvas. But why are the flower paintings your favorite?

    1. Nah, actually, the flower paintings are not necessarily my favorites in general. But at that museum, in that room, the two just struck me. My favorite van Gogh is Cornfield with Crows, of course, but that’s not there. 🙁

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