The World’s Opinion about Trump vs. Obama

Here is a tweet by Donald Trump in 2014:

Then, against all odds, our next president would be Donald Trump. When he spoke to the United Nations for the second year, he claimed in the opening paragraphs of his address:

In less than two years my administration has accomplished more than almost any administration in the history of our country.

The room erupted in giggles and laughter. Trump later claimed that they were not laughing at him, but with him:

What Trump does not seem to understand is that the way people respond in a Trump rally is not representative of what the country thinks of him, and certainly not the world.

A Trump rally is filled with ardent supporters. We recently found out that the people standing behind him are actually carefully selected and if anyone ever does not react the way Trump would expect they actually remove and replace him.

The United States encompasses only about 5% of the world’s population. Trump’s base that voted for him was 62 million people. Today, his base is generally measured at about 30% of the U.S. electorate. The average IQ of the U.S. electorate is, by definition, average or about 100. I am not suggesting that the average IQ of Trump supporters is any lower, but I am saying it is not likely any higher than 100, either.

At his rallies, Trump is used to people cheering to his every utterance, no matter how false, stupid, purposely misleading, or incendiary. It’s the people that want to hear that stuff that go to his rallies, so of course, his worldview of what people think about him is distorted.

I have traveled out of the country since Trump took office, and I can say with certainty that I have not yet met a SINGLE foreign person who supports Trump or is impressed with him. Most laugh at him and ask me whether I am embarrassed by the buffoon. The vast majority of 95% of the world’s population think he is an embarrassment to our nation.

And make no mistake about this: it was the opposite with Obama, no matter what Trump thinks or thought. The world loved and respected Obama.

Now enter the hall of the United Nations. The people in the audience are highly trained diplomats or even heads of state, and their aides and assistants. They are the best and brightest who rose to the pinnacle of power and influence in their own countries to eventually be ambassadors at the United Nations. I would carefully guess that the average IQ in a United Nations assembly is well over 150, or genius level, which is far beyond Trump, no matter how big he says his brain is.

Unfortunately for Trump, at the United Nations he is definitely not the smartest person in the room, as he thinks he is when he is surrounded by his followers. Whether some of these people he is talking to are from shithole countries (his words) or not, they will far outclass him, both in intellect, in morality, and definitely in education.

So when they hear ‘In less than two years my administration has accomplished more than almost any administration in the history of our country,’ they will crack up.

I would.


6 thoughts on “The World’s Opinion about Trump vs. Obama

  1. Another bozo heard from who is not laughing:

    I posted this an hour ago on Fox News Facebook

    Allowed to share from a post:

    I am a social worker of over 40 years of practice interviewing children and adults regarding child abuse and neglect. I cannot say this is a fact, but whenever clients deny behavior they have been accused of, I consider it problematic if they display any of the following:

    1. They become defensive in an intense and self righteous manner.
    2. They challenge the interviewer personally, questioning my past regarding the topic; as if this behavior is a norm even of it is wrong.
    3. They blame everyone for the situation they are in, or try to shift the blame.
    4. They ALWAYS work themselves up into a frenzy, crying in frustration and anger that they are being victimized.
    5. They angrily lash out about being a victim of “the system” or name specific persons or organizations out to get them.
    6. Their defense is overly emotional….almost scary, usually involving spitting out words and turning red faced.
    7. They use their social status and past accomplishments as proof they are not “that type” of person that would do such a thing.
    7. They indigently refuse tests, studies or investigations, even if it would prove their innocence or improve their standing in the case.

    Any of the above sound like anyone???????

    Got this back, among others:

    Mark Terry — It sounds like you are an attempted rapist.

    Did he mean ME? or was he agreeing. The others are as horrible as insights into the right-wing mind.

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