Giuliani’s Tweet on Russian Indictments

Really, Rudy?

No Americans are involved in this indictment. How can a logical mind therefore conclude that Trump is completely innocent from that?

Russians were caught committing crimes against the United States, trying to make Clinton look bad and Trump look good. That’s why it’s called the “Russian Collusion Scandal” in the first place. Obviously, the attack happened. Some key Americans were involved, several have plead guilty, and one is in jail.

We have a crime. We have a number of Americans pleading guilty in relation to it. We have many Russians indicted supporting that the crime actually happened. And from that you conclude Trump is innocent?

If I were Trump, I’d be getting queasy right about now. The walls are closing in from all sides. The American people should find out, by investigators revealing the truth of what happened, one layer at a time.

Americans should not be listening to the propaganda of Trump himself and his ilk.


2 thoughts on “Giuliani’s Tweet on Russian Indictments

  1. barbara carlson

    You said, “Americans should not be listening to the propaganda of Trump himself and his ilk.” Sorry, but in a cult, nothing that does not come out of the mouth of their beloved is true. Why did Trump start out with “fake news” so long ago — just for this moment.

  2. You describe the situation accurately. Only the truly ignorant or dumb would listen to Giuliani. Footsteps are approaching the palace gate. The only question is how many protectors are sacrificed before the “prince” is gone.

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