Siblings in Camps May Not Hug

I don’t understand what makes people do things like this to other human beings.

I don’t like child molesters.

I don’t like child cruelty.

I don’t like things like this being done by my government in my name.

2 thoughts on “Siblings in Camps May Not Hug

  1. Kristen Aliotti

    I hate this administration policy so much. I can really see why/how people are driving to screaming, acting out, chaining selves to bridges, anything to call attention to the inhumanity. I have decided to start calling my Democratic legislators to ask why they are not SCREAMING louder from their bully pulpits. I am not sure there is any issue happening right now (including denuclearization!) that should be a higher priority. Thanks for posting this. It helps every day to be guided back to the reality, even if I am sitting in the comfort of my mother’s home in Minnesota. I am so disturbed and have put Ivanka Trump at the top of my “despicables” list. She is disgusting, posting pics of her billionaire-values family. Disgusting.

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