Trump’s State of the Union

Trump read this speech verbatim. If I had had a few hours to read and practice that speech with a teleprompter, I could have done a better job. I am a much better speaker than Trump. Somebody drilled it into Trump’s head that he must simply read, and ad-lib nothing else. He pretty much followed that advice. It’s funny, though, because I still remember Hannity railing about Obama and how he was a master with the teleprompter. No, Obama was a master speaker. You could never tell he was using a teleprompter. After the Republicans ridiculed Obama and the teleprompter for eight years, they now wish and hope that Trump – for goodness’ sake – stick with the teleprompter.

I do not believe that Trump even believes in God. He says that because people want to hear it. I think Trump does things that are good for Trump and his ilk, no matter what. When he can make it sound like it’s good for the country, it’s even better. Trump does not give a damn about other people, or the American people. He says this because saying it got him the keys to Air Force One and worldwide fame. He’ll say anything for fame and money. I believe he is morally bankrupt. I believe the speech was written by other people and he read it off, and poorly at that.

In 80 boring minutes of Trump droning on, I learned this:

  • Immigrants are killers
  • There are people in the audience who were hurt by immigrants
  • So many more jobs and so much less unemployment
  • Immigrants are terrorists
  • Tax cuts and raises for everyone
  • Obamacare is a disaster
  • Beautiful clean coal
  • Immigrants are killers
  • We love our veterans and military people
  • So much winning
  • And – immigrants are killers

And Trump is really good at giving applause to himself, like a cheerleader.

Slap, slap, slap.

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