Movie Review: Brad’s Status


Brad Sloan (Ben Stiller) graduated from college in Boston and went on to have a successful and comfortable life in Sacramento, California. He has a beautiful and sweet wife who works for the government, and a son who is smart, laid back, and a musical prodigy. Brad, you would think, has it made.

When he accompanies his son Troy (Austin Abrams) to Boston to interview at Harvard, he goes through an existential crisis. He compares his life, which he considers boring and unsuccessful, with those of his college friends, a bestselling author, a Hollywood producer, a tech entrepreneur and a hedge fund creator. As he watches his son’s success, he doubts himself, and as he interacts with his friends he gradually finds out things are not exactly what they seem.

Just maybe he is successful after all?

Brad’s Status is a slow movie, mostly because there is very little action and a lot of narration. We are not watching what’s going on, we’re told about what’s going on, all through the movie. The characters, with the exception of Brad, are not very credible. We’re told that Troy is a gifted musician, yet we never even witness him playing a single key on the piano, his supposed instrument. Troy is a nice, laid-back kid, but he does not strike me as a prodigy and somebody with a mission. He ends up interviewing at Harvard somewhat by accident. Brad is boring, to watch, to be with, and to listen to.

After a very slow and somewhat boring start, the story picks up a bit of speed, and somehow, at the end, when the credits rolled, I was actually satisfied. The best thing about this entire movie is the second it ends.

You’ll just have to watch it and see for yourself.


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