4 thoughts on “There are People who Praise Trump

  1. I get it. They bought what he was selling, they voted for it, he (and they) won the election, he is their president and they are proud (too proud to be embarrassed and not critically inclined enough to direct any negativity in judgement) They love his boldness and simplicity and his blunt authoritarianism, his novelty, showmanship. He’s the same kind of American to travels to Europe first class all the way, goes to a a fine restaurant and complains very loudly that they don’t even have a good T-bone steak on the menu as they try to flirt with the waitress and impress her with his worldliness and wealth.

  2. Some people were and are hurting economically. Hopefully that was their primary reason for supporting him. After nine months some should begin thinking he was only seeking their votes without any real concern for their economic stress. Perhaps also many of his supporters hate African Americans, various immigrants, the rise of women in the workforce or general fear of loss of status, in other words BIGOTRY.

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