Mike Rogers – a True Patriot and Man with Integrity

Punctuating each word — one by one — the U.S. Navy admiral said, “I will not violate the oath that I have taken in the 36 years as a commission officer.”

Rogers’ face hardened and his voice cracked as he added: “I won’t do that.”

— ABC News

Trump supporters will call this “Fake News” but fortunately, there is nothing fake about a United States military officer standing up for the oath he took. This is the kind of man we need in a leadership position in our country.

One thought on “Mike Rogers – a True Patriot and Man with Integrity

  1. It is great to hear a senior administrator, military or civilian, recognize he works for the American people and knows people want the truth and independence. The president may appoint him but his loyalty is to us, the people, who he works for.

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