Trump and Hannity

Trump didn’t like the negative press he got for having his daughter sit in for him at a meeting of the world leaders at the G-20 summit. The ridicule was universal. So, to make it better, he thought he should lash out at – the Clintons. This is what he tried:

The President of the United States lashes out at the daughter of an Ex-President in a puerile tweet. Yes, that is really going to make me think of him as presidential!

But Chelsea wasn’t having any of it.

What Trump means with “giving the country away” is beyond me, but even if it made sense, how would that somehow justify his presumptuous action of sending his daughter to that table? Even IF Clinton had done the same thing, it still would not make his action right.

This is what the Trump supporters always do. When someone criticizes Trump, they point out that supposedly Obama or Clinton, or lately even Carter somehow did the same thing, and therefore why are we critical of the president?

Hannity, in his monologue tonight, used the same technique. He called the national uproar about Trump Jr.’s admission of collusion a “Russian Psychosis.” The entire left-wing media was foaming at the mouth about nothing, he said. Then he pointed out that supposedly Clinton had colluded with the Ukrainians to win advantages over Trump during the election.

Let’s just analyze that for a minute and assume that whatever Clinton did with Ukraine was equivalent to what it looks like Trump did with Russia. If that were true, and equivalent, McConnell and Ryan would be going after Clinton now, and we’d have special prosecutors, and 21 investigations underway, and Trump would be calling to “lock her up!” Hannity, by making the two equivalent, does all but agree that Trump did apparently collude and that it was wrong. But we’re supposed to be angry that there is no outrage over Clinton and Ukraine.

Well, Hannity, Clinton is not the president. Trump is. And it looks like he and his staff committed crimes to get to that office. The media are just helping expose the facts. The media didn’t make Trump take those actions. The media are witnesses. The media are not trying to make Trump unable to do this job, as you said tonight. The media is reporting as best as it can.

It’s not the media’s fault Trump is unable to govern effectively. It’s not the fault of Congress or, as you so condescendingly put it, the “lazy Republicans in Congress.” Trump messed this up all by himself.

And while I am ranting: It is the height of arrogance for Hannity to call those Republicans who can no longer stand by and participate in this destructive behavior “lazy.” Let’s see what these “lazy Republicans” will have to say when this is all over, and Hannity’s darling falls.

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