Trump: The Leaker is the Bad Guy

So Trump sure looks like he committed obstruction of justice. We’re not even talking about the underlying possibility of treason by his staff and possibly himself. We’re just talking about his efforts of the cover-up.

Yet, here he is, making it sound like that’s all okay because Comey is the bad guy for finding out about it and leaking it? Kill the messenger, and now the alleged crime somehow goes away?

The way I see it, Comey is a national hero. Without him, the American people would not know about the kind of shit that is going down in the White House – in the name of the American people.

If Trump is eventually vindicated, and Mueller finds that he did nothing wrong, great! I will accept that. In the meantime, let’s not get distracted about the messages and messengers, let’s observe the facts.

Trump lied blatantly and openly many times on national TV. You really think he just now stopped lying?

Think again. Trump is a disgrace to our country.


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