4 thoughts on “We Didn’t Elect these People

  1. This seems a little short-sighted. Through the electoral system that is currently in place, Donald Trump was elected president. As predicted, he then ignored all claims of nepotism and appointed his daughter as well as her husband to fill incredibly important and influential White House seats, they were thus indirectly ‘elected’.

    One can of course argue that these people were not elected by direct standards, neither do advisers (roles they both fulfill) need confirmation by any legislative body nor do they normally have such close ties to the president as to accompany him on his foreign trips. All in all, however, this would be rather the same as stating that Obama’s advisers were not elected, which wouldn’t have had the same impact seeing that claims of nepotism do not apply and thus be vacuous.

    1. Thanks for the extensive comment. I think Kushner is running a lot more of this country than any Obama or Bush advisors ever did. Even Carl Rove. And I affirm: We didn’t elect these people.

      1. They are certainly more influential than previous advisers. We also didn’t elect them, but when electing presidents, one trusts him/her with selecting the people with whom he/she surrounds themselves. We trust the president, right…? Well…

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