Movie Review: Prometheus – Take Two

Tonight, flipping through the movies on Apple, and not finding anything good, we decided to watch Prometheus. It got a 72% on the tomatometer, so I thought it would not be too bad. Very quickly I found myself bored with the inane dialog, senseless plot and cardboard characters. I also recognized some scenes, so I thought I must have seen some of them flipping through channels in the past. However, true to my commitment to myself about reviewing every movie I watch, I persisted all the way through.

Then I came to my computer, chose the half-star icon below and went to find a good picture to use for the review, when I noticed that there was already one titled Prometheus in my directory. Hmmm.

Five seconds and a quick search later revealed that I had watched and reviewed this movie on June 4, 2014. Here is the result, one star that time.

This movie is so bad that I had completely forgotten that I had watched it before, all the way through, and then wrote a full review about it.

Or is it my memory that’s going.

Either way – bad.

5 thoughts on “Movie Review: Prometheus – Take Two

  1. I’m a huge fan of the Alien franchise, and Prometheus was so, so, so terrible. We went and saw it at the movie theater, and i nearly walked out it was so bad.

    1. I never liked the Alien franchise much. I don’t subscribe to the thought that intelligent, spacefaring beings would be slime-dripping insectoid human-eaters. It just never made sense to me. I am an “alien” buff, but I need credible aliens, and Alien was never it for me. How about the newest one coming out?

  2. Ray Cullen

    Oh dear–!!
    Reminds me of my recent “Kindle adventures”…..scrolling through the (many,many–!!) titles….checking out the “blurbs” re plot//a few reviews on separate device…..only to find, on several occasions, that when the book is actually opened on Kindle….it’s at the “100%” mark.
    In other words, previously read-but forgotten–!!!

    What’s a little scary though, is to re-read the entire novel (as happened recently) yet not recall one iota of same–!!!
    Ah well, as they say, there are worse outcomes than getting old… not having the opportunity to do so–!!
    Cheers Norbert…..Ray.

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