Why Not a Appoint a Special Prosecutor?

Trump said that the Trump-Russia affair is a made-up story. The White House keeps stating that there is nothing to it, that it’s a witch hunt. The Republicans in Congress are blocking the appointment of a special prosecutor.


If there really is nothing to it, if it’s all made-up, it will quickly become obvious, everyone will be vindicated and life goes on.

However, if there is wrongdoing that took place, it’s extremely serious. Trump’s presidency could be illegitimate. Felonies, even treason, could have been committed.

I do not understand why the Republicans are blocking this? Don’t they want to know the truth? Do they really think that if Trump is guilty, it won’t eventually come out? Seriously?

There are probably 1,000 investigative journalists of the caliber of Bernstein and Woodward researching this affair day and night. They will continue until they run out of material, if there is none to be found. Or until they hit the jackpot.

How can Trump supporters keep the faith in their leader in light of this? If he’s innocent, no problem. If he is guilty, don’t they want to know and have justice done?


2 thoughts on “Why Not a Appoint a Special Prosecutor?

  1. Have a look at the Rep. (D) Adam Schiff interview with Bill Maher — Schiff says the Republicans won’t move against Trump until they have got what they want: tax breaks for rich, more deregulation on banking, repealing Obamacare to save the rich billions++. Schiff also admits Obama and his Dems went too soft on the Russian connection before the election,”didn’t want to sink to the GOP level”. Maher gets mad and rightly so.

    1. This whole thing truly sucks. With every day that passes, I am more convinced that we have an illegitimate president, yet our system put him in place, and he now gets to joy ride at the expense of the American public. Sick.

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