Obama Speaking Fees

There is this strange discussion going on about Obama accepting speaking fees of $400k from Wall Street firms. Here is an article on Vox about it.

I don’t understand what the big deal is and why it would undermine Obama’s ethics.

I know we railed about Hillary Clinton and her speaking fees with Wall Street, but there is a huge difference between the two.

Obama behaved himself impeccably while we has in office. The main “scandal” we had about Obama was how many executive orders he signed in the latter years of his presidency. Well, Trump has put that concern to rest in just a few months by outsigning all other presidents, including Obama.

Hillary Clinton was running for president, with a message that she would not be bought by Wall Street. And then there were those speaking fees.

Obama is out of office. Obama will never again run for office. Obama has no more policy impact on the U.S. government. Obama is a private citizen and can now do as he wishes.

I can’t believe we have a problem with Obama’s speaking fees of $400k each (sweet if you can command that kind of money for a couple of hours of work), but we don’t have a problem with the Trump clan using government funds to travel the world and promote their businesses, using government resources to promote Ivanka’s products, and paying for the president’s lavish lifestyle at $3 million a pop per weekend in Florida.


Trump is the sitting president and he is using government funds in a lavish, ostentatious and shameless display of corruption.

Obama is the former president who has, as it behooves him, been quiet about the current administration, who is now a private citizen and who can command $400k speaking fees.

Sorry, folks, there is a huge difference. Let’s leave Obama out of this and focus is the unheard of ethical transgressions of our current administration.


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  1. Some people just can’t wrap their brains around critical differences in the nature of these things. They just wait eagerly for scraps of things to help prop up their poor decision of giving Trump credibility. They will not digest what you have rendered into perspective and many will continue to juxtapose irrelevant details involving “the other team” even as The donald meets an untimely end to his POTUS incumbency, grasping conspiracies and factors beyond his control.

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