If You Are Poor in America, You Are Fucked!

We elected a kleptocrat into the White House. He has surrounded himself with superrich people, many of them of inherited wealth. He told the American unemployed, the poor, the coal workers, that he would look out for them. Yet, all his actions are unabashed grabs for money from the poor to the rich. He has convinced his followers that trickle down works. His young followers were not around when Reagan’s trickle down didn’t work, so they don’t know any better. His older followers do, and should remember, but for some reason they don’t.

The kleptocrat takes step after step to enrich the rich, and himself, and corporations, and he is actually telling the poor that this is good for them. Supposedly he is making America great again, and they actually believe it.

Folks, it’s time to read Orwell’s 1984, but more importantly, it time to read Orwell’s Animal Farm. The pigs are on the move!

Now the U.S. House Republicans forced through the American Health Care Act (AHCA) by a 217-213 vote. This bill, if it becomes law, will dramatically increase the number of uninsured people in this country.

On the forums, I have actually seen comments of Trump supporters that have stated that people who are not able to afford health insurance should not get it. That statement is completely beyond the concept of insurance in the first place. We get car insurance not because we need it or want it, we get it because if an accident should happen to us, it won’t bankrupt us. We insure our homes so if a fire burns them down, we get our money back and we can rebuild. Otherwise, we’d start all over, with nothing but the clothes on our backs in case of a disaster. The same SHOULD BE true with health insurance.

On the forums, I have also seen comments were Trump supporters have called people on insurance subsidies leeches. I wonder if they have ever thought about what creates a human “leech?”

  • What would happen if they had a bad car accident that really cripples them, like a good solid spinal injury, where the surgery alone costs $200,000?
  • What would happen if they were suddenly diagnosed with some leukemia or other cancer?
  • What if they found they had a brain tumor?

All those things that happen not just to bad people, or leeches, but to all of us that just have a stroke of bad luck.

  • What would they do when their insurance company dropped them after the first $30,000 of expenses?
  • What would happen after they lost all their savings and their houses, forcing them into bankruptcy?
  • What would their kids say to them when they could no longer afford to pay for their college?

Would they label THEMSELVES leeches then? Would they vote to reelect Trump?

Being poor in America has never been easy. We may be a very rich country, but there are a lot of poor people here, and they are not leeches. Sometimes they are the unfortunate. Sometimes they didn’t get born to educated parents. Sometimes they were born with pre-existing conditions that make life hard.

But under Trump, and the America that he is shamelessly creating while we’re all watching, poor people are truly fucked.

The conservative branch has been complaining about Obamas “redistribution” efforts.  Right now, there is a massive, gluttonous, offensive and overt redistribution of wealth underway rom the poor to the rich, and Trump’s followers either don’t see it, or they don’t mind.

It is not just offensive, it is immoral!

One thought on “If You Are Poor in America, You Are Fucked!

  1. The House plan, although it is not yet the law of the land, will do much more than just leave many people with insurance now uninsured and increases costs for older clients. The removal of tax penalties for individuals that don’t sign up for insurance and the penalty for business with more than 50 employees to provide access to coverage will effectively cause the whole system to collapse on itself.

    I predict once this happens, supporters of this abomination will blame Obama for the failure of the system in all of their self-righteous wrath. Hopefully the Senate will take their responsibility seriously and actually produce an improvement to Obamacare. Not holding my breath though.

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