Trump and His Stooges Must Be Scared Shitless…

…to be banning networks and major, world-class newspapers, like the New York Times, from press briefings. Mark Cuban states it well:

Brilliant move. Ban the networks whose reports you don’t like. Yeah, that will work well!

You know how many Bernstein and Woodwards are out there right now investigating the Trump administration? Do you think they’re going to stop because CNN and the New York Times are banned from White House briefings.

I think not.

I think the opposite is happening.

And Trump and his stooges are scared shitless of the truth. It’s just a matter of time until they will be exposed.

3 thoughts on “Trump and His Stooges Must Be Scared Shitless…

  1. The Head Stooge and his in-fighting band of horrid-minded men are lashing out in every direction, because they know they are under siege. It is only a matter of time before they fail, as America and the world gather to flush them out, like the garbage they are (and IMO subconsciously know themselves to be).

    Their actions are as transparent as glass and as stupid.

  2. No, they can’t or can’t admit they were wrong. But some have. One baby step at a time… and what will those evangelically, terroristically devoted acolytes do when (if) Trump is brought down? the united states are no more.

    Primarily, tho, that truth/facts/science is now a matter of opinion appalls me.
    It is the foundation of all discourse and progress out of this mess.

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