Immigrant Statistics

Our prisons are bursting with illegals right now.

— Donald Trump

Well, let’s take a look at the numbers:

For the American-born population of males 18 – 39 years old, 3.3% are in prison. That’s a huge number. In contrast, for foreign-born men 18 – 39, 1.6% of them are in prison. So the likelihood of being in prison for an immigrant is less than half of that of an American-born man.

12.9% of the United States population is foreign-born. I am one of those.

Here are some “success” numbers:


From this chart you can see that immigrants are much more educated than American-born, on average, in all categories. It’s most obvious and overwhelming in the Ph.D. categories in engineering and sciences.

Also, immigrants are twice as likely to start businesses, 41% of them have college degrees, versus 30% of American-born population.

This is not to say that illegal immigration isn’t a problem in the United States. It is. It is a problem that needs solving. But after decades of Congress not doing anything about it but whining, it is completely irresponsible by the president to foment immigrant hatred that covers all foreign-born people in its dragnet, illegal or not. The bigots among the population are now feeling empowered to abuse immigrants indiscriminately. People are getting killed on the streets based on the color of their skins.

It is right to enforce the laws of the country. It is not right to create or stir up vigilantism against people who “look different” or “speak another language.” Our president has a responsibility to calm the nation, to protect its citizens and to enforce its laws.

This president, however, incites fear and bigotry with his rhetoric, he lashes out indiscriminately against entire groups of people, he divides and he spreads misinformation.

He says immigration is a problem in the United States.

No, it is not a problem. Immigration creates jobs, raises the level of education, and produces the most industrious and productive section of our population. Lashing out at immigration does not make America great, it makes America shrivel.

8 thoughts on “Immigrant Statistics

  1. Brandon

    2015 Stats: According to DHS
    All legal entrees: 1,054,000 Committed Crime: 139,633 (13.25%)
    Immigration law violations caught: 462,388; (337,117 at borders, 125,271 illegally using US citizen programs).

    As for your stats there vague, misleading, and incomplete “immigrants are twice as likely to start businesses” it’s great they bring in ideas that enrich everyone, but the full stat is 70-90% of ALL businesses fail with in 5 years (70% 1st year, up to 90% for restaurants).
    “41% of them have college degrees, versus 30% of American-born population” 19.9% in STEM, 21.1% in humanities degrees

    Good or Bad, no productive conversation can begin or have a positive impact without honesty and complete facts.

    Under Trump (2016) only number to go up is Immigration law violations caught. Change in the law needs to happen, personally I think this country has too many & not equally applied, but all government officials are legally required to uphold the laws.

    Under Obama college enrollment rates skyrocketed, finical aide for minorities & foreign born was vastly increased allowing for more people who couldn’t afford to enroll. Also increased was finical aide to minority owned businesses and tax rates increased for everyone.

    As for Trump saying stupid, racist, or clearly false statements, yeah he needs to be attacked. Everyone hates being called on their shit, but that’s what civil discourse is.

    1. Well, interesting additional stuff here, each paragraph warrants its own blog post. You say that 70 – 90% of all businesses fail – and that’s correct, but that does not change the fact that immigrants are more likely to START businesses – which is my point in the first place. Thanks for the discourse.

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