Trump is Too Expensive for the Nation

So we have lots of headlines about how much money Trump has been spending on travel to Florida. Supposedly it’s been almost as much as what Obama spent in an entire year. Then there is talk about protecting his kids and their private business trips around the world; recently two of them went to Dubai and of course, the United States Secret Service gets to come along for the ride. Then there is talk about Melania not moving to Washington and staying at Trump Tower in New York. Numbers range for $500,000 to $1 million per day to protect her. I have been to Trump Tower and it’s amazing how it sits right in the middle of mid-town Manhattan, and the NYPD has to figure out how to keep it protected.

But that’s not even what I am talking about.

I am here spending my time writing about this buffoon. I have spent more hours writing about Trump since the middle of 2016 until now than I did about Obama in the eight years he was in office. Trump occupies us. Thousands of people feel compelled to protest. Thousands go to town halls to demand to speak to their representatives. Millions go on major protest marches. Millions rant on Facebook every day. I rant on Facebook. I spend way more time nightly watching the news of both sides just to keep up with Trump’s antics.

That is the true cost of a lunatic narcissist in the White House. The country needs a break from this insanity. But that’s exactly what he is doing. He is wearing us down. He has more stamina than we do. Soon we’ll get tired and used to the insanity, and then he’ll have us exactly where he wants us. Then shit will go down that we won’t even notice anymore. Real damage.

Trump is using up our vigor, our free time, hell, our work time. What were we thinking electing a lunatic narcissist to the presidency? It took 62 million people to get us here. Now it’s going to take all 32o million of us to get our country back.

Trump is too expensive for the nation.

3 thoughts on “Trump is Too Expensive for the Nation

  1. All news is Trump news it seems: he’s using up all the air … like a bad fart in a car somebody wrote.

    But newspaper subscriptions are waaay up — The Washington Post’s new masthead: Democracy dies in darkness shows Americans (and Canadians) are waking up I dare to hope, a lesson is being learned, so there is more good news than bad at this point. Take heart. And, for a couple of days, open only the fighting-back posts. And remember, you are not alone. America is not alone: the progressive world is cheering us on, speaking out against this dictator. I have to believe we can learn from history.

    And ignore the news that says what MAY happen. It’s a news trick to make you fearful, as bad on both “sides” and as enervating and pointless. Mental health is all in your reaction to these triggers. Don’t let the bastard wear us down. If we realize that is what he is doing we are well armed.

    Every hour of need throws up a hero — lots of heroes! look at the thousands (for the first time) who are protesting, signing up to work on Democratic local offices, signing up to run for office. Unheard of. Trump & his cabal may just be what people needed to stop entertaining themselves to death and think of their obligation to the world, their children, other people, climate change…

    It is quite a time to be alive. We are witnessing something unseen in our lifetimes. It really is thrilling.

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