Burning Down the Capitol


The law is very clear that the president has broad powers to keep this country safe and to limit access to people that could come in to this country and do us harm. He utilized that power in a very legal, constitutional manner to ensure that we are safe, our people are safe, our country is safe, our institutions are safe. And it’s somewhat sad to see a judge go rogue like this.

It’s a shame that we’re not focused more on making sure that we’re applauding the decision by the president to make a renewed focus on keeping this country safe.

— Sean Spicer

Obviously, the Trump Administration is now pounding it into our heads that we’re not safe. Terrorists are lurking everywhere, and they are flooding our country. Our president is ignoring the Constitution and the rights of millions of people for his own aggrandizement.

These deeds, these tactics, are not the most dangerous part of all of this. Here is what is really going on:

The next terror attack in the United States will come, as sure as there are taxes and death. When that attack comes, Trump will claim that it’s not his fault, but that of the judges, the lawyers, the protesters, all of whom prevented him from fulfilling his duty of keeping Americans safe. He will take advantage of the disaster to elevate himself as a hero. He and only he knew it all along. If only the people had listened to him. I venture to guess that the next terror attack in the United States can’t come soon enough for Trump.

This exact situation played out in 1933 in Germany. The German Constitution prevented him from expanding his power. He needed to consolidate his power base, and he needed something terrible to happen. He burned the Reichstag (the German equivalent of the U.S. Capitol building) down, and arrested a communist that night and pinned it all on him. See, the communists are trying to destroy the country! He gave himself new powers and the people supported him. After all, he had predicted it all along.

For Trump, the best thing that could happen is for the U.S. Capitol to burn down at the hands of a Muslim.


4 thoughts on “Burning Down the Capitol

  1. Ray Cullen

    Hi again Norbert,
    the (empty & self-evidently false) claim by Trump that the media do not//have not report(ed) terror atracks was//is as empty as the man’s mind–!! When asked for examples…..he (Trump) “came up empty” too—!!!

    And then the ridiculous “follow-up”…..the (SO-CALLED–!!!) list of some 70+ “terror” incidents….from the “alternative facts” merchants–!! Some of these were from as far away as Australia….& WERE NOT TERRORIST INCIDENTS AT ALL–!!

    One example is the LINDT CAFE SIEGE in Sydney. There has been much debate here as to whether the perpetrator of this horrible episode (in which 2 captives & the perpetrator died) was a terrorist….or simply mentally unwell. What is utterly without any shadow of doubt however, is the MEDIA SATURATION COVERAGE of the awful events–!! In fact, it unfolded directly opposite the headquarters of one of our major tv networks–!! Throughout the entire episode, it was the ONLY issue being covered….”24/7″–!!

    I suggest the REST of the “terrrorist incident list” is probably about as accurate as the utterly MAD claim that the media failed to report on the Lindt siege–!!! Certainly, at least one of the other “terrorist” incidents (which also took place in Australia) has been conclusively adjudged as being NON-TERROR related….ie. a mentally unwell person attacked a young woman. Horrid…yes…terrorism…no–!!!

    But Trump’s assertion that the media didn’t//doesn’t cover such matters-? That too, is phony….about as truthful as 99% of the OTHER B.S. & BILE which DRIBBLES from the mouth of that man–!!!

    To end on a lighter note…..no idea how original this may be….but I thought it might have special appeal to you. (We will all need the “medicine” of laughter over the next few years)…..One of our newspaper writers has “christened” Trump…..”HAIR GROPINFUHRER”……😃

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