Speeches at National Prayer Breakfast by Obama and Trump

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And on this occasion, I always enjoy reflecting on a piece of scripture that’s been meaningful to me or otherwise sustained me throughout the year. And lately, I’ve been thinking and praying on a verse from Second Timothy: ‘For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.’

— President Obama


Thank you as well to Senate Chaplain Barry Black, for his moving words. And I don’t know Chaplain whether or not that’s an appointed position — is that an appointed position? I don’t even know if you’re Democrat or if you’re Republican, but I’m appointing you for another year, the hell with it — we had tremendous success on The Apprentice … and they hired a big, big movie star, Arnold Schwarzenegger, to take my place. And we know how that turned out. The ratings went down the tubes. It’s been a total disaster … and I want to just pray for Arnold if we can, for those ratings, OK?

— President Trump

3 thoughts on “Speeches at National Prayer Breakfast by Obama and Trump

  1. Ray Cullen

    As I mentioned here many months ago regarding the possibility of Trump becoming President, many in Australia still cringe when recalling how WE felt when OUR Prime Minister was a national embarassment.
    We know how you must feel….& it’s NOT good–!!

    The Trump situation however, is far worse than when Tony Abbott was our PM.
    Australia has a population roughly equivalent to that of New York. We’re a minor player on the world stage. Our “buffoon” was embarrassing to US—but his role on that world stage was a very minor one in comparison to a U.S.President. I

    A President wields immeasurably more power-both at home & abroad, & consequently far greater opportunity to not only embarrass, but to cause real harm to a great many real people.
    That’s precisely how Trump has been “rolling”…..and he’s only been in power for 2 weeks—!!!

    I’ve received innoculation against the scourge of religion–!! Nevertheless, it seems apt to offer what SHOULD have been the “theme” at the 2017 National Prayer Breakfast……GOD HELP US ALL—!!!

  2. Anonymous

    There is such a HUGE ( Trump’s favorite word) difference in dignity, reverence, not to mention intelligence. Obama has it Trump ….. not even close!

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