Hey, Dad, Watch This!


This is our president this morning and he tells us what’s important to him. It reminds me of the days when I had small children. Children love it when their parents watch their successes. How they can jump into the pool. How they can ride their bikes. How they get ratings on TV.

Hey, dad, watch this!

I am so impressed.

Now for the actual facts – Trump compared his numbers to Obama’s second inauguration, because obviously that’s the only “good news” he could find in this. When you look at historic records he made no record of any type at all.

Even Jimmy Carter did better in 1977:

The only Democrat besides Obama to ever score more inauguration viewers than Trump was Jimmy Carter, with 34.1 million viewers watching his 1977 swearing-in, according to Nielsen.

— Reuters

But Obama in 2009 still holds the record.

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