Enter the Age of American Oligarchy


This happened within minutes of Trump being president.

What did we expect? In an Oligarchy, where it’s all about enriching the people in power, and the rich, and their self-aggrandizement, why would they care one hoot about civil rights, the climate, healthcare and the environment? Those issues have no impact on the massive redistribution of wealth from the nation’s poor and the middle class, to the top 100th of a percent.

I hear the giant sucking sound, it’s already roaring. I can’t wait for all the upcoming changes that will help me finally understand what will make America great again.

Edit: Check out Hardy Carroll’s powerful statement in the Comments section below! It’s worthy of its own post.

5 thoughts on “Enter the Age of American Oligarchy

  1. It’s been an oligarchy for at least twenty years, and close to thirty. The unparalleled power and wealth of a tiny group of individuals who influence and control every part of public life from health care to prisons to war to the environment has only continued to grow. Barack Obama’s achievements were largely for this minority, and during his tenure their power and wealth only solidified. Now there is a leader who is wither too arrogant or too stupid to hide his mendacious greed and corruption, while behind him stand members of the Heritage Foundation and ALEC whose sole purpose is to destroy American society and thin out the population in a form of economic eugenics. It is a dark time and has gotten worse, but it hardly started today. Disabuse yourself of fallacious notions about the past and take a hard look at the United States. You’ll see that today was merely a logical extension of where we’ve been headed since the Harding administration.

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