Rex Tillerson Seems Unprepared


Rex Tillerson was nominated by Trump for Secretary of State, the most important and elevated cabinet position. Today he came to the Senate confirmation hearings, basically his job interview. It seemed to me he could not answer many of the questions and kept stating that he needed more information. He said he needed to talk with the President-elect to discuss policy.

I think he came in front of the Senate and the American people unprepared. He seems arrogant to me, as if he thought this whole process was beneath him. Would you not think that talk with his boss about his general positions, especially when he knew what the main questions would be?

Either he was too lazy to prepare, or too arrogant, or too ignorant. I don’t like any of those options.

Will he prepare before he meets with foreign leaders? If the American people are not important enough to prepare for a meeting, will foreign leaders be?

To me, Tillerson seems as unprepared for his office as his boss for his.

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