Electoral Map for Young Adults


69 million millennial voters were eligible to vote. If only they had voted, and nobody else, this would have been the outcome. That provokes three thoughts in my mind:

  1. What the heck are they feeding their kids in Idaho, Wyoming, North Dakota, Kentucky and West Virginia?
  2. It’s their world now. In another 10 years, they will call all the shots. They’ll throw us all out and make the world the way they want it to be.
  3. Bernie Sanders tapped into this force. That’s what made him so successful.

One thought on “Electoral Map for Young Adults

  1. Two reasons millennial voters don’t vote: apathy and cynicism. Lethal in combination or separately. Will a Trump world be the life lesson they will have to learn in order to grow up?

    Dem elites brought this on themselves when they boycotted Bernie. Have you read the Harper’s piece on The Washington Post’s op ed’s derision and dismissal of Bernie’s “New Deal” plans? That they could not even be spoken of?
    And the MSM’s non-coverage of his huge rallies, youth vote, his non-corporate grass-root donations. Shameful. America: you got the government you deserve.

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