Laryngeal Nerve as an Example of Why We’re Not “Intelligently Designed”

Opponents of evolution often argue that we didn’t evolve from “monkeys” but rather that God designed us.

Science, however, shows many examples where evolution came up with rather poor designs. I highlighted one of  them in my post a few years ago where I compared the “design” of external laptop batteries to the “design” of mammalian testicles, using human ones as the example. A designer would never lay out testicles like mammals have them now, particularly with the vas deferens looping over the ureter.

Another example of misguided evolution is the laryngeal nerve, that controls our voice box among other things. In all mammals, this nerve goes from the brain all the way down to the heart, loops around a major artery and comes back up to the voice box. This makes no sense in humans. In giraffes, it is the most ridiculous display where rather than going two inches from the bottom of the brain to the larynx, it reaches more than six feet down the neck, around the artery, and back up the neck another six feet.

The video by Richard Dawson below shows this in a dissected giraffe.

For those of us that can’t stomach the fact that humans and modern apes have a common primate ancestor, this will be even more disturbing. It shows clear evidence that humans (and giraffes, and apes, and rats, and elephants, and whales – you get the idea) all come originally from a common ancestor fish.

Yes, fish. That’s where the laryngeal nerve started, as a connection between the brain and the gills.

Evolution is not intelligent. It has no planning or foresight. It supports and propagates the solution that survives better than any competing solutions.

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