Why I Can’t Vote for Trump – Take 8

I want my president to be without drama.

Say what you may about Obama’s policies, but he has not created any scandals. There was no Iran-Contra affair, no Watergate, no Monica Lewinsky. The first lady also behaved herself impeccably. We call him No-Drama-Obama.

Trump, in contrast, is already mired in scandals and he is not even elected yet. He did business in Cuba violating the embargo. The stiffed thousands of contractors and employees by not paying them. He and his aides have ties to Russia, and the list goes on. Imagine what it would be like if we gave him the keys to Air Force One to tool around the world in to do business deals, pretty much unchecked? We’d join the ranks of the countries in the world led by oligarchs. Congress would have to start impeachment proceedings on day one.

I am already tired of Trump’s drama, and he hasn’t started yet.

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