Why I Can’t Vote for Trump – Take 5

I want a president who has the integrity to live up to his promises. Trump has stiffed thousands of small and large businesses. Here is an example where Trump didn’t pay for a $100,000 shipment of pianos. Trump is proud of this. If he were president, I’d be embarrassed about our president.

3 thoughts on “Why I Can’t Vote for Trump – Take 5

  1. I agree with you in several issues, but what is the real alternative?
    I do think that either, Donald, and Hillary would be bad presidents.
    They both have become patologycal liars, and it is a big deal for a country like the USA.

    1. I don’t think Hillary would be a bad president. Way, way better than Bush was, in my opinion. Donald is a boor. He would be dangerous. So given these two, my choice is obvious.

  2. Anonymous

    Bush…… mmmmm! Yeah, Indeed, he was terrible as a president, but to be honest with you, I do not think that he was controlling the government because he was not smart enough. I do think that people behind him were taking all decision while he was “playing games or dancing.”
    It is obvious that she is well prepared, but in my opinion, someone who has been endorsed by a dictatorship like Saudi Arabia cannot become the next president because it is antidemocratic and hypocritical.
    Saudi Arabia supports terrorism, so by accepting money from them it is an indirect way to support terrorism too.
    It is degrading to see that people will have to vote for the less worse candidate!

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