Eine Furchtbare Vorstellung – A Frightening Notion

Etwas ganz anderes: Schlimm, daß Frau Clinton nicht ganz stabil gesund ist. Eine furchtbare Vorstellung auch für die allermeisten in Deutschland, daß ein Kerl namens Trump Präsident der Vereinigten Staaten werden könnte.

A German friend, a retired professor of linguistics, wrote to me today, unprovoked, the above sentence:

Something completely different: Terrible, that Mrs. Clinton is not completely healthy. A frightening notion also for almost all people in Germany is that a bloke named Trump could become the president of the United States.

Trump, of course, would likely take that as a compliment. He does not want to be liked by foreigners. He has said many times that his only concern are the people of the United States. Unfortunately, I believe I am as good as he is with detecting body language, and I don’t believe that for a minute. His only concerns is his own aggrandizement.

The U.S. has 4.4% of the world’s population, but it elects a single person that has the power to unleash most of the world’s military might. If that single person is as unstable as Trump exhibits he is every day, the world would be turned into a powder keg with a doofus wandering around it with the cigarette dangling out of his mouth.

Not a pretty picture.

3 thoughts on “Eine Furchtbare Vorstellung – A Frightening Notion

  1. Can’t imagine a progressive country on earth that isn’t rethinking the treaties, etc. they have with the USA. I feel we are on a precipice that half of American WANTs to jump off of — because hate of government, ill health, economic anger, hate of Hillary, fear of the Other, etc.

    Trump’s comment to blacks, “What have you got to lose?” is really a dog whistle to disaffected whites.

    America is an adolescent that needs desperately to grow up and hasn’t been given the tools to do so (poor education, religious bullshit brainwashing, etc.) so can’t.

    If Trump wins, USA will be put at the international kiddie’s table for four years, or his impeachment which could be started immediately, I hope.

    Let’s just hope the court cases he must appear at (this fall) actually happen and he hasn’t already bribed and/or threatened everybody concerned, from top to bottom. He has already threatened the rape victim and she shut up for years. Hateful man.

  2. Thanks for posting your blog. I don’t always Comment, but know that I am glad you’re out there. And thanks for letting me vent! I am in Canada and can’t do much to prevent Trump from winning, but feel I have a kind of platform on your blog.
    Being raised by a anti-science, right-wing, Christianist father in Orange County, California and lived through the John Birch Society era and its horrific impact, I know first hand (as do you) of the possibility of fascism in America. Constant vigilance, my friend.

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