From a Proud Dad

Virgin America

My daughter and her husband-to-be are flying in from San Francisco tonight. They’ll be staying with us for a few days before their wedding next week! The moms of the bride and groom leaked this to the airlines – and the happy couple got a free upgrade by Virgin America.

2 thoughts on “From a Proud Dad

  1. Ray Cullen

    Congrats to all, Norbert–!!
    Exciting times indeed–!!

    We are ALL so often pre-occupied with the (supposedly) “big picture” concerns in life, that we can almost “forget” the truly VITAL ones. Politicians who will use power unwisely, issues like gun control, equal rights for all—these are utterly legitimate concerns which truly OUGHT to exercise our thoughts & minds. They are indeed worthy of our time & effort.

    And then there’s FAMILY–!! The incredible (& entirely justifiable//deserved–!!) pride we feel as parents when our “kids” find someone truly special with whom they wish to share their lives is powerful, amazing, & just plain SPECIAL–!!

    We are indeed fortunate in this life, if we get to spend our lives in “free” societies–where our political concerns & efforts (no matter how small they may seem) actually contribute to the gradual betterment of the “world” our “kids” will inherit.
    THEY are fortunate in being free to choose for themselves, the person with whom they will live//work//share & enjoy that “world”.
    Many are NOT so fortunate, & have such matters foisted upon them—or perhaps THEIR love is de-legitimized by the “we know best how others ought live their lives” brigade(s)–!!

    Very best wishes to all–!! Be very, very proud–!!!
    Enjoy the celebrations–one & all–!!
    Cheers—Ray (from Oz)

    1. Thanks for the kind words, Ray. My daughter is actually connected to Australia. She went to school one semester in Melbourne (Geelong) and then went back again afterwards for a few months. He husband also works for a company based in Sydney. So it’s likely that they’ll spend some time in your part of the world as the years go.

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