Poll: 66 Percent Think Presidential Election Process is Broken

Poll: 66 percent think presidential election process is broken

No Shit!

Let me do a little trampling on the Constitution:

It is annoying as hell when you live in California and you get to the primary, and other states have already decided who you get to vote for. Usually there is only one person left by June.

Also, I find it annoying as hell when I go to the general election in November and there are only two candidates left to vote for. In almost all the years, there was never anyone left that I felt even close to good about.

Why can’t the people go to vote and pick from dozens of names? There must be some way to get yourself on the list, some minimal requirements. Then give me an app on my phone, and let me vote. They do this for reality TV shows. Why can’t the people pick their leaders?

The whole process gets to be simple.



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  1. Well, the Constitution does not say anything about political parties, let alone the primary system. Those matters are the consequence of party rules and state electoral laws. The Constitution may be broke, but the reforms that you are looking for are a matter of changes that you and the voters can make. Good luck!

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