What Russians Think about Trump – and Obama

Here is a Reddit post in answer to “What do Russians think about Trump” which not only points out views of Trump, but also of the American presidency, Obama, and Clinton:

Russian people have generally some kind of big misconception about US presidency as a whole due to the fact, that in Russia Putin basically equals The Government, because nothing can be regulated without his command. Therefore, they see US government as a threat and Barack Obama is a threat for them too. You won’t believe, how many people here think about him. Basically, we have this “Thanks, Obama”, but in another way. It’s not sarcastic, people are here really think that Obama is to blame for all the problems here. Bad roads? Thanks, Obama. Small pensions? Thanks, Obama. Sick children? Well, you know. We even have many twitter accounts with fake Obamas, who make statements such as “From now on tomatoes will cost 100 rubbles per kilo, you know who to thank”(obviously s/). And by no means I am joking right now. Huge misconception is not only in villages, but in big cities as well. People compare Obama to monkey and portray him as such, showing all kind of racism. So, answering the question about Trump, I could say definitely, that it will go down this way: it doesn’t matter, who will win or lose in this race. At first, people of Russia will see him as a figure, who beat Obama. But then, it will be as it was before. Nothing to eat? Thanks, Trump.

Edit: As to Clinton, I don’t believe many people want her to be president. She is a woman and it’s a huge deal. Russian make jokes about black people so you probably could imagine what will happen if a woman will be president. A good example of concept “woman in politics” is Angela Merkel. People here joke about her being a prostitute, and don’t forget that she is German, therefore, she is Hitler (I know, don’t look for logic). I believe, Sanders is more tolerable for our government than Clinton, so if he will become president, people would be more tolerable… for now.


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