China now on Forefront of Nuclear Fusion

China has succeeded in a major experiment in the process of creating a fusion reactor. This happened on the heels of Germany achieving a similar goal, albeit using a different type of technology. China and Germany are pulling ahead of the United States in research and development of a major game-changing technology. If we don’t watch out, we’ll have to buy required technology from China – at whatever price they set – and we’ll be in the same position we’ve been in for the past 100 years, having to buy oil from the Middle East.

All is not lost. Supposedly Lockheed Martin Skunk Works predicts to have a fusion reactor that can fit in a van within 5 years. Hopefully that’s true.

Meanwhile, we in the United States spend billions on things that serve no purpose, like defense equipment the pentagon doesn’t want or need, developing the F-35, a fighter plane not up to facing the current Russian generation of fighters, or oil subsidies to the most profitable companies on planet earth.

Our leaders focus on turning our country into a theocracy. They think it’s important to worry about women’s procreative habits, and they believe that dumbing down our children by religious dogma, conservative propaganda and stifling science on all levels is the way to “make our country great again.”

Meanwhile, we’re missing the boat in the areas that really matter: Revitalizing manufacturing in the United States, keeping prices down and productivity and creativity up, educating our children in science and technology, curbing the insane waste of money on military activities, making progress in renewable energies, and upgrading our infrastructure on all levels.

Try to buy anything at the mall today that is not made in China. Good luck!

In 20 years, we’ll even need to buy our energy in China.

Time to wake up, America!


After a comment by a reader, challenging my statement about the Middle East, I did a little more searching and found that we import far less petroleum products from the Middle East than we think (and our public perceptions indicates) we do. Here are some interesting graphs to illustrate that.



2 thoughts on “China now on Forefront of Nuclear Fusion

  1. Paul

    “and we’ll be in the same position we’ve been in for the past 100 years, having to buy oil from the Middle East.”

    Not the brightest bulb in the refrigerator. The US purchases the VAST majority of its oil from Canada, Mexico, ITSELF, and South America. It doesn’t need to purchase any from the Mid-East. Also, China is no closer than the USA in producing a VIABLE fusion power reactor.

    1. Thanks for the insight. Sent me running for more research and stats, confirming your statements. Regarding a fusion reactor: I just can’t help but think about the parallel of China deciding to build high speed rail, and a few years later they have more than 50% of the world’s high speed rail installed. When they make up their mind, they go – of course at the expense of pollution, their people, etc.

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