Ben Carson: Pyramids Were Grain Stores

[photo by Adam Jones/Corbis]
Ben Carson, according to this article, believes that the Egyptian pyramids were built by the biblical Joseph to store grain. He made that statement in 1998, and just recently confirmed that he stood by that statement.

I am now terrified for the future of mankind and the United States.

I am afraid that once he becomes president, he might declare that the Grand Canyon was created by God to be a landfill for our trash, and start dumping. And God intended global warming to cause a new flood so the wicked in the lowlands get drowned out. There are probably other plans for the wicked in the highlands.

I used to think neurosurgeons were smart. We say, hey, it’s not brain surgery. But my opinion of neurosurgeons has turned upside down in the last few months. He is single-handedly obliterating the stereotype. After Carson, we’ll be saying: “That’s nuts. He must be a neurosurgeon!”

This is my statement:

Please, God, give me some candidates to vote for that are not crackpots! Please!

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