Halloween and the Entitlement Society

Entitlement Society
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It’s this kind of attitude in people who creates a society of people expecting entitlements.

Apparently, trick-or-treating, which is begging, is so entrenched that one family’s child with severe allergies now becomes the problem of all other families living on the block. I feel for the child and his frustration. But dictating dietary needs to society to accommodate your own needs is never going to work. This child, tough as it may sound, needs to learn that the world does not revolve around him.

If I am blind, I can’t apply to be a pilot. If I am paralyzed, I can’t become a firefighter. If I don’t have endurance, strength and an iron will, I won’t qualify to be a Navy SEAL. If I can’t tolerate dairy, gluten and nuts, I can’t trick-or-treat – or my parents have to sort out the candy.

That’s how the real world works.

We all have to deal with reality.

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