Changing the Earth without Changing the Climate?

Here are some examples of where man has changed the face of the globe. It’s called manmade change, or anthropogenic change. There is no doubt that this was done by man.

The picture below shows the Neza Chalco Itza slum with its epic 4 million inhabitants. It is the world’s largest slum and has the highest crime rate in Mexico.

[click for photo credit]
Here is another picture of a Mexico City slum:

Mexico City 1
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Here is the Twin Creeks gold mine in Nevada.

“Twincreeksblast” by Geomartin – Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Commons [click to enlarge]
Then finally, a picture of the Chicago O’Hare airport that I took myself a few years ago.

Chicago O'Hare Airport, June 3, 2012
Chicago O’Hare Airport, June 3, 2012 [click to enlarge]
These are visible, tangible examples of anthropogenic change in the Earth.

I know this is anecdotal and not very scientific, but given these visible examples of what humanity has done to the planet, do we really want to believe that we didn’t modify our air just as drastically? Too bad we can’t see the CO2, and what it does to the planet. We’ll just have to wait a hundred years when our grandchildren won’t be able to walk in lower Manhattan or when most of coastal Florida will be under water. Let’s not even talk about New Orleans.

I wonder what our descendants are going to say in 2100, when they watch the 2015 videos of Marco Rubio or Scott Walker saying that they were not willing to jeopardize oil or coal mining jobs or have the price of gas rise, in the face of this hoax?


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