il Papa: We entrust each of them to the mercy of God

Seventy-one refugees were found dead in a refrigerated truck in Austria. More than eighty refugees, many of them children, washed up dead on a beach in Libya. And the Pope offers “a special prayer” according to the front page of the USA Today of 8/31/15.

A Special Prayer?

Thousands, no – millions, of people are driven from their own countries in the Middle East, mostly by sectarian violence and associated power grabs of the religious leaders and monarchs.  They flee from religious oppression of one type, and they die, only to be waved away by religious ridicule of another type:

We entrust each of them to the mercy of God.

It is pretty sad if the “spiritual head” of a billion or so Catholics had nothing better to say or do. Does he really think that these desperate millions, some of which wash up dead on the beaches of the Mediterranean, derive any good from his ridiculous excuses? The only thing he is doing it make the rest of us feel ok for what has happened. The mercy of God is upon the victims, so it’s ok.

It’s religion of one type, and then on another type, that killed them in the first place. And it’s religious excuses that have made us all think it’s ok for a few thousand years now.

When will we ever stop listening to the blathering nonsense that comes out of the mouths of il Papa and his illustrious predecessors?

When will we finally admit that it’s religion in the first place that’s the root of the problems we’re dealing with?

One thought on “il Papa: We entrust each of them to the mercy of God

  1. It cannot come soon enough for me. But more and more movies, plays, documentaries, are introducing atheist characters — even if sometimes it is only “eye rolling” at the notion of religion or religious nuts — this is progress. The more of us that come out of the closet, the easier it is for the next person.
    Atheism is the new Gay.
    There will be a tipping point — all the hypocrites of religious shows, church leaders caught on Ashley Madison, Sarah Palin and her mob are hastening the process of showing daily what a sham the whole religious right is — to keep them out of government is imperative in the next election.
    Double down all you racist/misogenist GOP candidates in your speeches and comments: show us all the poison you harbor.

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