Donald Trump and the Breast Pump

About four years ago there was an incident where Trump was deposed and lost his temper when a woman on the team needed to take a break during lunch. She was a nursing mother and needed to use a breast pump. Trump lost it, went into a tirade, and abandoned the deposition.

What kind of world leader totally disintegrates and flees the room when confronted with a medical apparatus and a request to take a break at a mundane legal proceeding?

— from Beck’s Law

For very interesting and enlightening reading about Trump’s character – if you need more reading – follow the link above and read the entire post.

2 thoughts on “Donald Trump and the Breast Pump

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    Trump didn’t just start using references to genitalia, bodily functions, and female needs by labeling them “disgusting” in the last week or so. He did this stuff four years ago. He will never stop denigrating women, foreigners, religious people, and anyone less wealthy than himself. How could America possibly elect a boor to President of the United States?

    Here is a post I did a while ago about Trump’s treatment of women.

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