Breaking Bad Action Figures

Breaking Bad 1

I admit, I thought Breaking Bad was one of  the best TV series ever. I was a fan, and I am enjoying Better Call Saul now.

The other day I was browsing at Barnes & Noble, and as I walked through the games and toys section, I noticed this box of three Breaking Bad action figures, obviously Saul, Walt and Jesse. They are little plastic stylized figures about two inches tall. I wondered what would possess people to buy these – and then do what with them? Put them on a shelf or something?

Then I turned over the box and nearly dropped it in shock:

Breaking Bad 2

This is clearly a First World  issue – not only did I ask myself who would buy these and what would they do with them? Now I ask myself who would be insane enough to spend $29.95 on this.

I think our world is Breaking Bad.

5 thoughts on “Breaking Bad Action Figures

  1. I bought a pound of blue meth crystal candy in a heavy plastic bag. I made sure to leave it stuffed in the basement rafters of our old house when we moved. Breaking Bad fans are a strange lot. Mythbusters just confirmed that Walt’s M-60 gun would have indeed worked.

  2. Anonymous

    You obviously don’t know the value of retro toys…or say, first series comic books. Some toys go for thousands of dollars….pretty good for a $20 investment! Let’s see what Santa brings you for Christmas this year!

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