Got Our First “Water Saver” Star

Just last week I bragged about our water saving, while I published a picture of our greenest lawn ever.

Drought Grass in Southern California

Today I got the documentation in the mail.

Water Saver

It’s funny how our California water companies send us these “been good stars” in the mail, as if we were first-graders. And it’s also funny how I turn right around and post it right here. I guess I am a first-grader at heart.

I got a kick out of being a “water saver” at 147 gallons per day (GPD). Being the numbers guy, I could also not avoid instantly recognizing that we consume exactly, to the gallon, one third as much as the “Average Neighbor” at 441 GPD (147 times 3 = 441). What are the odds.

Now, the race is on. Can we widen that gap?

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