Bullfrog Lake Birthday Ruminations

Devin just called me to wish me a happy birthday. Then we talked about the year when I hiked in resupplies to him on Bullfrog Lake on his latest JMT adventure. I thought it was three years ago, but he corrected me, it was 2010. So – then we decided to start planning for us to do the JMT together next summer. JMT, here we come. End of July, early August 2016. 22 days on the trail. Starting to train up now.

4 thoughts on “Bullfrog Lake Birthday Ruminations

      1. So true! A week goes by in the blink of an eye. A month like a single breath. Do you remember when we were younger and a minute felt like an eternity? Not saying I miss those days, but a little slowness would be appreciated from time to time.

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