The Fascinating Age we Live in

[Photocredit: NASA]

This picture shows the tiny Saturn moon Epimetheus (116 km) and giant Titan (5,150 km) together with the A and F rings of Saturn.

I remember when I was about ten years old, I had a book about the solar system, and one section was dedicated to the planet Saturn. At that time we only knew about eight or nine moons circling Saturn, and any photos of the planet were grainy and dull. Yet, they were all we had.

Today, the Cassini spacecraft is in orbit around Saturn, constantly sending back dramatic photos of various moons and sections of the rings in high-resolution. We have eyes right inside the Saturnian system and we can see its wonders from a close-up vantage point.

When the ten-year-old me thought about the moons of Saturn, he never expected to see them like this – ever.

What a fascinating age we live in!


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