The Subjective Perception of “My Bed”

It seems like every time I come home from an overseas trip, I complain about the beds I was subjected to. Here is a post about a previous trip.

We just got back from a week in Germany, and again we constantly complained about the uncomfortable beds. When we got home and lay down in our own bed, it felt like heaven.

That got me thinking: It can’t be that 80 million Germans go to bed every night and think their beds are uncomfortable. They probably think they are like heaven.

What about the billions of people in developing nations whose beds are bags of straw and a blanket? If they are their beds, their own beds, they are probably heaven, nightly refuge from the bustle and the stresses of life.

Hikers look forward to their sleeping bags every night, laid down on a thin pad on the dirt in the woods, and they think of them as refuge and heaven.

The human body and mind create this cocoon of comfort called bed, no matter where it is, no matter how it is constructed.

When it is “mine” it is heaven.

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