Facebook and the Crappiest Websites Ever

Crappiest Websites
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I don’t use Facebook much. I publish my blog posts there, let them linger for a few days, before I delete those posts again. I check what some of my friends, those whose threads I have not turned off, are up to.

On the first page of the timeline, there is usually some teaser with a picture and some fact that I might be interested in. When I click on those teasers, they bring me to an aggregator site like “odometer” above that shows the picture that was featured, usually one of multiple pages, followed by some text and a Previous and Next button.

Often these buttons are hard to find amongst the other buttons that litter the page, arrows that are simply advertisement hooks. The site is so sluggish that it hardly works, because it is packed with crappy advertisements that nobody is interested in, and the advertisements, should I click on one of them, lead to more such crappy pages full of ads.

Check out the above example. I was interested in the series about fun facts associated with the SR-71 airplane. But it teases me on the right with “Watch What Happens when you have Big Accessories.” Good thing I resisted to find out what the big accessories were. I am sure they were not what the picture suggested. I could not help noticing the Zero G boobs of Hot Kate Upton, and even there I resisted.

There are many such sites that are full of bad, annoying ads that make the sites virtually unusable. I have learned to detect them on Facebook and avoid them.

Is this how Facebook makes its money? Is this why Facebook is worth several hundred billion dollars? Because it provides a free site that bombards us with  useless, annoying advertisements? What happened to good old honest work in America to make money?

Time to hit Publish on this post and slave it over to Facebook.

2 thoughts on “Facebook and the Crappiest Websites Ever

  1. Nice post! I totally agree. Buzzfeed, etc are evil. The Internet is becoming so maddeningly dumbed down these days, and people are falling for it more and more. The last website I worked for became so bogged down in the ad crap that we were losing valuable, loyal readers in droves. Sure, ads are a necessary evil for someone in my line of work, but there should be a harmonious balance between ads and REAL content.

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