Ten Most Famous Authors of All Time

What a phenomenal success J.K. Rowling is. Born in 1965, a single mother in the 1980s, she wanted to make a living for herself and her children. So she started writing a story about a boy wizard. Now she is listed together with Shakespeare, Dickens, Joyce and Dostoevsky. It’s almost like the story of a little black boy born to a white college student mom in Hawaii in 1961, who is now and forever on the same list with Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln and Roosevelt (as they look down from Mt. Rushmore.

2 thoughts on “Ten Most Famous Authors of All Time

  1. Anonymous

    Then there is the phenomena of EL James – who sold 100 million copies of 50 Shades of Grey worldwide, and 45 million in america alone. Despite the critics view, the movie made 248 million world wide on opening weekend. Her fantasy has come true!

    1. Mary Barnes

      Odd. I found the book terribly boring and quit about 1/4 way through. Maybe I’ve lived in Southern California too long.

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