Saudi Women Are Not Allowed to Drive…

…because they might get raped by the roadside in the event their cars break down. At least that’s what this Saudi historian says to justify oppression of their females. He goes on to say that women in other countries, like the United States, drive because they don’t care about getting raped.

I wonder if he ever drove in the United States. Man, it’s Deliverance Country, alright. Yesterday, on my way home from work on I-15 South I saw three cars that broke down on the right side of the freeway, and male drivers just couldn’t help themselves. They pulled over and lined up all in sexual rage waiting for their turn to rape. Oh, the debauchery!

This makes me wonder who the Saudis think does the raping? It’s all the men that have to escort their wives, sisters and daughters, driving them around. When they don’t have females to chauffeur, they must be driving around themselves trying to find women by roadside that they might rape.

Religion makes people say and do the darndest things. I have never been to Saudi Arabia, and I don’t think I want to go. I don’t think I could handle all the raping.

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