Movie Review: The Guest


A soldier returned from the war and visited the home of a fallen friend way out in the country. He was humble and quiet, a bit shy, but he had promised his buddy that he would go to his home and tell his family that he loved them. So he kept his promise.

The family asked him to stay a few days, since he obviously had no specific plans, no place to go, and no vehicle. The soldier reluctantly stayed.

He made friends with the siblings and started hanging out with them.

Suddenly strange things started happening in the community. They quickly escalated to disaster.

The trailer for The Guest suggests this is a common story of a good man come home. But that’s not at all what it turns out to be. The caption “be careful who you let in” can’t be any more appropriate.

The story starts out slowly and quickly escalates into a cliffhanger, even an unlikely one. At the end, I felt entertained, but I knew I’d forget this movie within a few days.

Better write a review quickly.

Rating - One and a Half Stars

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