Controversy about the University of Phoenix – and its Sponsored Stadium

stadium univ of phoenixThe University of Phoenix San Diego campus has taken more G.I. Bill money since 2009 than every school in the entire University of California system combined. Yet, its graduation rate is only 10%, its student loan default rate is higher than its graduation rate at over 26%, according to this USA Today study. While the average American community college spends more than $3,000 per student on instruction, the University of Phoenix spent fewer than $900 per student on instruction in 2010.

So they do good marketing, attracting veterans to get degrees after leave the military. The Arizona Cardinals Stadium in Glendale carries  the name University of Phoenix Stadium. The New York Times reports that the university pays $7.7 million a year for that contract, locked in for 20 years. That’s more than $154 million.

That kind of money buys a lot of publicity this week at the Super Bowl, apparently short-changing education.

Here is an article where the University of Phoenix defends itself against a wave of negative publicity.


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